Screw Conveyor

For the removal of suspended solids from process and wastewater streams

American made, stainless steel, shafted screw conveyor has no hanger bearing to restrict flow.  Customed designed with sizes ranging from 6” diameter to 24” diameter.  Designed to transport collected/dewatered solids.  Easily integrated into the design to work in conjunction with screens or belt filer press.

Screw Conveyor Combination


  • Free standing or Integrated with Other Solids Handling Equipment
  • Horizontal or Angled Conveyance. Degree of Angle Dependent Upon % Solids of Material Conveyed
  • No Hanger Bearing to Restrict Flow
  • Sizes 6”- 24” Diameter
  • Basic Conveyance or Conveyance with Additional Dewatering of Solids

Dontech Industries History

Founded in 1980, Dontech Industries, Inc. offers decades of engineering and design of screens, screening systems, belt presses and solids conveyance systems.

With its own team of experienced machine operators/welders each screen is individually constructed and sized based on the client’s needs. This professional team allows for ease of construction of equipment that is unique in shape, size, or other design considerations.

Offering experience on both the industrial and municipal markets, our professionals have the knowledge that allows all pertinent design questions to be addressed, assuring the final screen meets the design application and specifications.

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