Internally Fed Rotary Drum Screens

For the removal of suspended solids from process and wastewater streams

Dual Rotary Drum Screens on site

Internally Fed Screens


  • Screen cylinder of helical-wound wedge wire available in a wide range of diameters and lengths Screen slot openings 0.005″ to 0.250for a variety of applications
  • Screen assembly complete with support trunnions, segmented or continuous flighting, drive assembly with shaft mounted drives of variable speed design
  • Influent headbox designs to handle pumped or gravity flow feed; complete with flow dampening/distribution weir(s)
  • Heavy duty, all stainless steel chassis complete with integral sump and filtrate discharge piping
  • CIP spray manifold assembly for internal and external cleaning
  • Variable speed drives
  • All metal components of Type-304 stainless steel construction unless otherwise specified

Internally Fed Screens – Sizes available based on Peak Flow TSS and FOG

Internally Fed Screens are individually engineered and designed to meet client specifications with regard to location of influent flow distribution chamber, height, width, gravity or pumped flow, and need for access/ inspection doors and /or odor abatement.

Screen support construction of polymeric trunnions that are of shafted and permanently lubricated sealed bearing design.

The wedge wire or perforated screen with variable slot opening provides solids removal based on client’s specific particle size distribution.

Each system is equipped with an integral sump which can be oversized and/or conformed to meet design and potential upset conditions.

All stainless steel construction including legs, pans, and other extraneous parts with no hidden add-on costs.

Screening systems are offered with a wide range of electrical control panel options, from basic to sophisticated control circuitry.

Dontech Industries History

Founded in 1980, Dontech Industries, Inc. offers decades of engineering and design of screens, screening systems, belt presses and solids conveyance systems.

With its own team of experienced machine operators/welders each screen is individually constructed and sized based on the client’s needs. This professional team allows for ease of construction of equipment that is unique in shape, size, or other design considerations.

Offering experience on both the industrial and municipal markets, our professionals have the knowledge that allows all pertinent design questions to be addressed, assuring the final screen meets the design application and specifications.

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