Dontech Industries, Inc. offers more than 30 years experience in the engineering and design of screens, screening systems, and solids conveyance / compactor systems. 
Suited for a variety of applications.  Please contact our sales department to discuss you specific application.

Rotary Drum Strainers

Key Benefits:
Built to meet customer installation specifications
Solids are removed and deposited into customers hopper, dumpster, conveyor, etc.
Lower your BOD count.


The Inter-Sep

Key Benefits:
Driven by shaft mounted drive
There is no chain and sprocket
The machine is totally enclosed to control fumes safety.
Can be use for many medias such as rendering hot oil, citrus pulp, wastewater
Sizes from 12" to 60" diameter, lengths for 24" to 144"

Screen cylinder of heliacal-wound wedge wire available in a range of diameters and lengths.

Static Screen SaniSieve

Key Benefits:
This screen design has no moving parts.
Screen section swings out for easy inside cleaning.
Very little maintenance is required.

Screw Conveyance System

Key Benefits:
All Stainless Steel construction
Custom designed
Not hanger bearing to restrict flow

Screw conveyor systems designed to meet all your conveying needs. Custom designed to meet your Installation specifications. Sizes from 6" dia. to 24" dia.

Conveyors for transport of collected solids, de-watering, in horizontal and up to 45º of incline. Available with integrated controls to our screens for a complete turnkey package.

Integrated Controls System

Key Benefits:
Stainless Steel NEMA 4X panel.
Designed specifically and integrated with our products to provide turnkey installation.


High Pressure
Cleaning System

Key Benefits:
These units can be ordered with your Dontech unit as an option
Can be ordered separately as a later option
Use it to keep machine clean or use it to clean your a whole area.


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